PAYSMED - The portal of Mediterranean Landscape

'Paysmed', the portal for Mediterranean landscapes, is the tool which integrates and publishes knowledge about  the landscapes of the Mediterranean. It is also a documentation centre and an on-line collection of working papers for the planning, management and enhancement of the landscape through case studies, concepts and bibliographical references on the steps,  policies and  procedures regarding the landscape. 


Edited by the REGION OF UMBRIA, it is one of the actions of the PAYS.MED.URBAN, Med Programme (2007-2013)  “The high quality of the landscape as a key element in the sustainability and the competitiveness of the Mediterranean urban areas”, representing the continuation and the capitalisation of the results which have been achieved in the PAYS.DOC, INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC  project, “Good Practices for the Landscape”.

Today the intention is more than ever to give continuity to an experience of this kind and to lend a permanent nature  to a “container” of studies,  good practices and a forum for exchanging ideas and discussions on the themes of the Mediterranean landscape.

The portal is divided up  into a specific section, which integrates all of the material concerning the two projects, PAYS.DOC and PAYS.MED.URBAN, and  a general section in which a rich collection of documents on landscape issues is implemented. 


>>Download all publications of the PAYS.MED.URBAN project